Arrowtabs Advert, Photo Trade World, October 1956



Arrowgard for slides, November 1958



Arrowtabs Readymounts for 2¼ins slides, April 1959



Arrowtabs Advert, November 1959

Below: A full page advertisement copied from the magazine "Colour Photography", No.6, 1959.



Arrowtabs Slide Storage Review, October 1967

Below: A review of the 3 types of Arrowtabls colour slide storage systems, from 'What's New ?', Amateur Photographer magazine, 18th October 1967


Photography magazine, February 1969, review of the Arrow Slide and Negative storage systems

Systematic storage.
Among the many new lines from Arrowtabs are two items to gladden the heart of the methodical worker: the Arrow Colour Slide File and the Arrow Negative Storage Album.

The first-named offers quick and easy identification of colour slides with the mini-mum of handling, the key feature being rigid opal plastic 'pages' which hold either twenty 35mm slides or twelve of the 2¼ in square size. Slides are simply inserted into recesses in the moulding and are held in position by flanges on two sides. The sheets are designed to fit a wide variety of ring binders, and can instantly be removed for viewing on a light box or against a window.

The colour slide file, which is a stout binder complete with five opal pages, costs 49s. 6d. Spare pages are available in packets of five, (35mm or 2¼ in. square), price 27s.6d (£1.38p).

The neat storage album tor negatives accepts translucent pages, each with seven pockets, which allow a total capacity of 42 frames in the 35mm size. Pages for 2¼ in. square are also available with provision for 12 frames. Panels are provided (at the top of the page and under each frame) for the inclusion of technical details, dates and pictorial descriptions. Twenty pages are contained in an attractive ring binder, which sells complete for 29s.6d (£1.48p). Extra pages cost 7s.6d (38p) for twenty.

A page from the Arrow Colour Slide File

The Negative Storage Album


Front Cover of Movie Maker magazine, December 1968



Arrowtabs Shoe Adaptor and 8mm cine film Dual Splicer, February 1969

Below: A review of the Arrowtabs accessory shoe flashgun contact adaptor and dual 8mm format (Standard 8 and Super 8) cine film splicer,
from 'What's New ?', Amateur Photographer magazine, 12th February 1969 (written by Neville Maude; A.R.P.S)


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