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Taken from 'Good Photography' magazine for October 1955, page 523.

Bob photographs the engagement of his sister Joan to her future husband Steve during the Saturday evening celebration and, following Sunday lunch, disappears to surprise Steve with four finished 'terrific' colour prints before Steve leaves to catch his midnight train.

The half length 'Weekend Pack' film took 6 exposures 2¼"x2¼" or 4 exposures 2¼"x3¼" and cost 8s/8d (43p). With his flashbulbs, film, paper and processing chemicals, young Bob must have invested the equivalent of perhaps £50 in his 4 exposures (2007 values) by the time he was handing his prints to his future brother-in-law, Steve.

Taken from 'Amateur Photographer' magazine for 28th September 1955, page 14.


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