The BCURA Leatherhead site in June 2010

The following pictures were taken at what had previously been the Leatherhead, BCURA site, by M.Fisher, during a brief visit in June 2010. M.Fisher had been an employee of BCURA during the years 1970-1973, working on Fluidised Bed Combustion under Alan Roberts and Raymond Hoy.

As best this author recalls, the BCURA R&D process buildings were located at the far end of the long drive-way access from Randalls Road. To the left of this drive-way were the sports club playing fields and further along were the Minstry of Works 'huts' (as described by Alan Roberts early in his BCURA history) which housed the library and the basic research laboratories. To the right of the drive-way was the Printing & Packaging Research Association, followed by the Food Manufacturing Research Association and further along, on the right hand side, was the staff carpark.

As Alan Roberts found, when he visited in 2006, the previous BCURA site is now an up-market business park/ housing development. The only remaining reminders of its previous form is the long drive-way that still passes through the length of the site and the Leatherhead Food Research (formerly the Food Manufacturing Research Association).

The right hand side of the drive-way (as one drives up from Randalls Road), now has several blocks of residential apartments followed by the (still in existence) Food Research buildings.


To the left hand side of the drive-way (travelling up the drive from Randalls Road) are two-storey houses of various types.


The top end of the drive-way (furthest from Randalls Road) has (to the right, possibly at the location of the old staff carpark) the Leatherhead Enterprise Centre and, further on, signs for Randalls Research Park. The Research Park appears to consist of Caxton House, Langbourne House and Shelsley House to the right hand side and Cassini Court, Medina House and Pascal Place to the left hand side. Further on and presumably forming a boundary with the railway line, are a row of residential bungalows.



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