ILFORD Elmo AR-16 magnetic/optical 16mm projector

llford-Elmo introduce AR-16 mag/optical 16mm projector
Amateur Photographer report, 26th April 1967, p565, by Norman Dyer, FRPS

FULL magnetic recording facilities, plus optical and magnetic replay, are features of the new Ilford Elmo AR-16 16mm sound projector. In general, the layout follows established Elmo design, with a separate speaker case housing the dual 8in loudspeaker units and various accessories. There is also a case for the projector.

The mains voltage 750w lamp is cooled by a large centrifugal blower unit which is part of the motor assembly. The lens is a 50mm f/1.5 Elmo; fixed and zoom (both 40-63mm) converters are available for it and there are also prime lenses of other focal lengths. A built-in accessory shoe enables the Elmoscope wide-screen lens to be fitted instantly, for projecting anamorphic (squeezed) prints. A prism unit for daylight projection is also available.

The spool capacity of the swing-out arms is 2,000ft; a 1,600ft spool is supplied with the machine. The motor is a series commutator type with an electro-mechanical governor, which maintains constant speed irrespective of supply variations or loading conditions; mechanism speeds are 16 and 24 f.p.s., by switch changeover. The film transport intermittent mechanism can be taken out as a unit and ball bearings are used for all mechanism shafts. Projection control is by single knob operation, with reverse running with or without lamp, while a clutch mechanism allows of almost instant stopping and starting for still projection. There are also facilties for running in slow motion and direct rewind controlled by a knob.

The amplifier, also of unit construction, with separate plug in power supply and amplifier sections, making for easy servicing, has a printed circuit, with two transistors and seven valves; the maxi-mum output is 18 watts, so the equipment is suitable for use in large halls. There are separate bass and treble tone controls, meter type volume indicator and provision for direct-through amplification. A three-channel mixing unit (available as an accessory) can be used if several inputs (e.g., mic, pick-up and tape recorder) are required simultaneously.

The change-over from optical to magnetic sound, and vice-versa, is by simple lever control which makes all mechanical and electrical connections. The sound head uses flywheel stabilized drum scanning, with a standard exciter lamp and photocell; the magnetic system includes a magnetic head mounted in the drum, with a pressure roller to maintain perfect contact.

The Ilford Elmo AR-16 with a 100ft speaker lead, a 16ft power supply lead, a moving coil microphone and a monitoring earpiece, is priced at £448.



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