The indicated price fell to £49.19s.6d in August 1967

These series of 6 views of an Elmo FP-C dual format projector
are viewable by courtesy of ebay seller 'sawyer6969'.
They seem to be of an Elmo FP-C rather than an Ilford Elmo FP-C, presumably meaning that this projector was imported post-1970,
after Ilford had ceased acting as UK distributor
in favour of CZ Scientific Instruments.
The design and layout of the FP-C is doubtless identical.

I've had a few people in touch enquiring after a power lead to fit the FP-C. It seems they have their FP-C projectors but somewhere along the line, during the past 45 years, the power lead has become lost. The power lead is a 2-pin design plus an earthing edge strip (along the lines of an earthed continental plug, though I don't know if the size of plug required for the FP-C is compatible with modern day continental plug equivalents). The images below are from Jenny Howell, and show the plug socket in the lower side of the rear casing cover.

The wiring instructions (below, right) should now read: Green/yellow to earth, blue to neutral and brown to live.

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