ILFORD H.P.3. Films and Plates

Ilford HP3 plates and films.
Roll and 35mm films plus sheet film versions appeared in 1941 and were initially slower (see the 'F' speed designation rather than the 'G' of plates lower down).
Plates first appeared in 1942 and were immediately at the well-known speed of 200 ASA; Ilford Speed Group G (400ASA/ISO in the post-1960 speed rating system).

This image sent to me by Jim Fisk of the Great Yarmouth Photographic Society (see the bottom of this web page) and friend of Paul Godfrey. He says "It came from the Charlie Read collection".

The expiry date of these 35mm films for darkroom loading into (especially) Leica cassettes was July 1948. The packaging lacks the Paddle Steamer trademark, which was 'dropped' in 1945, so it seems this pack was made around 1946, meaning it was one of the last packs of film refills made with the 'Selo H.P.3' name. Shortly after 1946 the name 'Selo' seems to have been dropped by Ilford and the film became just H.P.3. In another couple of years it was named simply HP3, i.e. no stops between the letters.

The original instruction booklet for the Ilford Exposure Meter Model B (on its page 8) shows that, even at the time the booklet was produced (March 1938), the Ilford Speed Group range had already increased to include the letter 'F', necessitated by "the recent increase in speeds of Ilford Hypersensitive Panchromatic Plates and Films". This presumably refers to H.P.2 becoming available in the 35mm format in 1938.



120 Roll film HP3 packaging around 1960  

Image below provided by Richard Bartle 

Image below courtesy of Jim Fisk