ILFORD Sportsman 300L, 300SL, 300LK and 300EB (1965 ?)

Shown below are various models of Sportsman camera, all with built-in exposure meters, and all bearing the numbering 300 in their name, presumably referring to their Prontor 300 and X 300 shutters. Almost certainly none of these were marketed in the UK. They may have been later variants of the camera range (believed 1963) that included the Sportsman L and Sportsman S-L. The (believed later) models are of a more square shaped, especially their top caps. If this shape change distinguishes between manufacturing dates then possibly the earlier models, such as the Sportsman 300L below LHS, might date from 1963.

Note the downward sliding shutter release rather than the inward pressing button on the Sportsman L and Sportsman S-L.
The purely manual Style 5 Sportsman 300, as was sold in the UK from around 1967, can be seen here.

The Sportsman 300L, right and below. A Color Isconar f2.8 45mm lens and Prontor 300 shutter (B 1/30th 1/60th 1/125th & 1/300th sec)
Focussing from infinity to just below 1m.
This Sportsman 300L belongs to David Muggleton.


The exposure meter is by Bewi and is uncoupled. It works by the user setting the film speed (ASA or DIN) and then matching the red pointer to the white needle, the latter actuated via the built-in selenuium cell.

Sportsman 300L underside, showing the exposure counter window (left), the rewind release button and the central tripod socket.

Ilford Sportsman 300L,
maybe an updated version of the one shown above ?

The 'Ilford Sportsman 300LK'.
Notice the lack of any top plate control knob, showing it to have a coupled exposure meter and, hence, to be more fully automatic.
Believed to date around 1965.

The Ilford Sportsman 300SL.

Very similar in looks to the 300L above; but maybe the 300SL has the benefit of a self-timer?

Perhaps 'top of the range' in the Sportsman 300 series?

The 300EB not only has a coupled light meter, adjusted by viewing a needle visible in the viewfinder, but also has a built-in rangefinder.

This picture by courtesy of David Muggleton.

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