Paterson Advertising Literature

Photography magazine, May 1973, page 489

The above is a May 1973 advert for the Paterson 35 Enlarger, without a colour head (just a filter draw),
and without being part of a complete Darkroom (in a box) Outfit.
Notice that it extols the fact that the enlarger had received a Design Council Award.
It had been advertised in Amateur Photographer from mid-January 1973

In 1998, the Paterson Group International catalogue announced that the original 35 Enlarger, as above but slightly redesigned, was to be relaunched as part of a NEW Paterson Darkroom Outfit. Although claiming it to be of universal application (for colour and black&white printing), it was no doubt intended primarily for those wishing to try black & white printing (on a budget) using Multigrade variable contrast paper.
The same 1998 catalogue, referring to the earlier b&w and colour darkroom outfits claims " recently as 1992 (they) were awarded the prestigious Buying Cameras 'Darkroom Product of the Year' award."