Early Kodak colour publications owned by Michael Talbert

Some of the books shown below are now rare and showing their age.

“Kodachrome and Kodacolor Films” – published by Eastman Kodak 4th Edition, printed in 1948, mostly on Kodachrome but 10 pages on “Kodacolor Photography”. Includes a chart on how to judge Kodacolor prints

“Printing Color Negatives” published by Eastman Kodak Co. 1st Edition, printed in 1958. It gives instructions on how to make successful prints using the then, new, Kodak Color Printing Filters which could be placed in a filter draw above the negative (white light printing).

“Printing Color Negatives”. This is the 3rd Edition of the Eastman Kodak Manual and the man on the cover is admiring the (then new) Kodak Rapid Print Processor, Model 16K. This could process a 16 x 20 inch colour print in 7½ minutes.
The 3rd Edition ran to three printings; 1964, 1965, and 1966, but the cover remained the same for each printing.

“Printing Color Negatives” A reprint of the 4th Edition second printing, (1970) reprinted in 1972. This book includes two “Data Release “ sheets on the then new Ektacolor 37RC paper and Ektaprint 3 chemicals. Otherwise it describes printing on Kodak Ektacolor Professional paper and processing with Ektaprint C chemicals. Published by Eastman Kodak Co.

“Printing Color Negatives” 5th Edition, First printing, printed in 1975. Published by Eastman Kodak Co. It gives instructions on Ektaprint 3 chemistry, and printing Ektacolor and Vericolor II negatives on Ektacolor 37RC paper.

This is a rare “Kodak Ltd London” publication published in 1962 in the U.K. It describes white light printing onto Ektacolor paper using the P-122 process in dishes and tanks. Similar to the U.S. book “Printing Color Negatives” (1958) but written for the U.K. market. It has a section on making very large color prints and examples on how to calculate filtration changes when changing between different batches of colour paper. A 2nd Edition of the book was published in 1967.

P-122 Seven-Bath processing chart to hang up in your darkroom. Dated May 1962, printed by Kodak Ltd London

An Eastman Kodak instruction sheet showing the first and last pages for the P-122 Six-Bath process. It gives a good description of the process, dilutions of various solutions, replenishment rates, storage of solutions, and details of the processing procedure in tanks and dishes. It is dated December 1962.


A C-22 process chart to hang up in your darkroom. Dated May 1962, Printed by Kodak Ltd London.

The 1st Edition of Eastman Kodak’s “Color Films” book. Published in July 1950, it contains information on storage, processing, filters, colour balance and speed of 10 different colour films available at that time for sale in the U.S.A. including Kodachrome Professional Sheet film.

Michael Talbert tells me "I was given the two process charts (P-122 and C-22) by a kind lecturer at Medway College of Art in 1970 who first showed me how to make a colour print.

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