Basildon Site, Open Day, 12th June 1976

'Open Day' image provided by Bob Chaffee.

Bob tells me "I worked for Ilford Inc. in the US for 9 years (from 1971 to 1979). During my tenure I was involved with Medical Imaging (X-Ray).
I began my career at GAF in Binghamton, NY which was previously known as Agfa-Ansco. It is interesting to note that Anitec purchased the GAF Binghamton and ultimately the Ilford facilities. I left GAF to go to Ilford and from Ilford went to work for Agfa Gevaert.


I believe this view is looking south across the (now) A127 Southend Arterial Road and Christopher Martin Road, Basildon.

The main building (left front, above) still existed in 2011, as did many of the other features identifiable in the picture above. But in October 2012, site demolition was underway.

In December 2016, John Whitworth e-mailed to tell me "Access (aka the Joint Credit Card Company – JCCC) took over the Basildon site from Ilford. Sadly, the old Ilford building which was on Christopher Martin Road, was demolished 2-3 years ago - though many buildings to the rear of the site still do exist. In the 2000s, that old Ilford building housed what we referred to as machines ‘A’ and ‘E’ – basically First Data’s European computer site – processing credit card transactions for Lloyds Bank, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Co-op, Nationwide etc."

John's site is at where he says "In the 1980s, the main operational headquarters of Access/Signet/JCCC moved to Christopher Martin Road, Basildon. Having been vacated by Ilford Photographic in 1983, the site, on the corner of Gardiners Lane and Christopher Martin Road was large, and the building which was to become Basildon House was converted to office use."

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