Brentwood (née Selo Factory) Site, 1973

Images provided by Bob Chaffee

The original Selo factory building, from around 1920.

Entrance gate to the Brentwood works with the Selo building in the background.

Bob isn't sure of the use of this building - another view shown below. David Kilcast advises "I think the first (below) shows the emulsion plant building, and the second (next below) is one of the coating rooms, possibly Room 14."

Southern Distribution Centre - sign on wall to the right of the double doors. David Kilcast agrees that this picture shows the Basildon Southern Distribution Centre (SDC).

Bob believes this to be the Research Building. Although Bob speculated this might be the Ramsden Laboratory (see chronology 1958), David Kilcast says "I'm pretty sure this is one of the R&D buildings at Warley, and not the Ramsden building."


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