Early Flash Equipment ~ Images from Charlie Kamerman

Kodak Sashalite outfit    

GEC Baby Sashalite Photoflash bulbs    

The 'Sashalite' instructions (left) accompanied a Baby Sashalite bulb owned by Brian Rees, who decsribed the bulb as measuring about 4" (100mm) high and equipped with a standard BC (bayonet) cap.

The picture above, supplied by Charlie Kamerman, is of a GEC battery operated flashgun & foldable card reflector, intended for use with Baby Sashalite bulbs.
Kodak Electric Flashlight Outfit     

Eastman Kodak No.3 Flash Cartridges    


Eastman Kodak Flash Cartridges, No.1, No.2 and No.3    

 Eastman Kodak Flash Cartridges, No.4, No.5 and No.6    

Kodak Flash Sheet Holder & Spreader Cartridge Flash Pistol     

Eastman Kodak "Actino" Flash Lamp    

Ensign-Hana Professional Flash Lamp    

General Electric Company Mazda Photoflash Lamp     

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