Scans of 8mm frames from a reel of ILFORD Ilfochrome 25, from May 1964

The car is a Mk.1 Cortina Estate, before the October 1964 facelift that incoporated Ford's new 'aeroflow' fascia ventilation system, which required exit grilles in the uprights behind the rear side windows. Film definition is good enough (using a 30x magnifier) to read the registration as 605 DFD, a Dudley registration. The car must have been near new when this film was exposed, in spring 1964 (processed in May 1964)

A 1960s 'Pop' singer on the TV. Is the left hand one Paul McCartney ?

The film should have been entitled "A Dog's Life", but surprisingly, all that is written on the box is "DOG".

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