Ilford in 2014

The following pictures have been provided by Ravi Sembi.

Ravi e-mailed in late December 2014 to tell me:
"I have lived and have grown up in ilford and was recently reading about the history of the Ilford photographic company in the town of Ilford (on the Photomemorabilia website) and found it fascinating.
I never, previously, knew about it.
So I walked around and took some photos of the locations mentioned.
All images have been taken with Ilford film. The images were taken two months ago (so October 2014). The Cranbrook 'pub is no longer there; it is now a wedding hall."

(Ravi probably means it is used for wedding receptions; it is now called the Cranbrook Banqueting Suite).

A similar photographic walk around Ilford has been related by Nicholas Middleton on his site.

The above pictures are of the building that is now (October 2014) located at the corner of Cranbrook Road and Park Avenue, Ilford, Essex.
This is the site where, in 1879, Mr Alfred Hugh Harman first set up his photographic business for the production of light sensitive plates and films in the basement of his house.
The house was demolished in the 1930s and the present building is called the Cranbrook Banqueting Suite, used e.g. for wedding receptions.

The map below (Google copyright acknowledged) is of Ilford town centre, near Roden Street, where the Ilford main premises were located from around 1880 (though street names have changed)
The whole parcel of land is now owned by the supermarket chain, Sainsbury's.

Ravi Sembi has annotated the Google map (below) to show where he stood in order to take the pictures that follow on from the map.








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