Ilford Australia Pty Ltd, Notting Hill (near Mount Waverley), West Melbourne, Australia.

Images provided by David J Arnold

David Arnold, previously of Manchester UK, says "In 2001 I went to work for one of the major Australian banks, ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd) in Melbourne, at their Data Centre in Mount Waverley, Melbourne. Next door was an Ilford factory (Notting Hill) which closed down in about 2003. ANZ bought the site in a risk exercise and the factory buildings were demolished in 2006.

David is interested in researching the history of the ANZ site where he works and, hence, has also been finding out about Ilford. He has supplied me with the following images (see below):

  • The earliest is an aerial image of the Ilford site. Although David believed this to "around 1961", Peter Kilvert in May 2020 has corrected this to 1964 (see right hand side of picture, below). The farm (as it was previously) was owned by the Forster Pioneer family who sold the farm property to Ilford (presumably around 1953; ref p81 of "Silver by the Ton") and sold their farming land to the ANZ.
  • The Ilford site around 1986,
  • The Ilford site during demolition in 2006.

An aerial view of the Ilford, Notting Hill (Waverley), site, originally thought to be 1961 but most likely 1964, ref: e-mail in May 2020 from Peter Kilvert. Peter says: "I used to work at Ilford (Australia Pty) Limited from Jan 1963 to May 1966. It was my first job on leaving college and I was the company's first Trainee Chemist. My first postion was in the Black and White Laboratory and later in the Colour Laboratory. When I arrived in 1963 the Colour plant on the right hand side of the photo was not yet built. I'm fairly sure it was built in 1964".

The buildings in the middle centre are the farm buildings previously owned by the Forster Pioneer family, which became the Ilford factory from 1955.

The vacant farmland that can be seen "above" the buildings is the further area of land that was purchased by ANZ and now has the offices where David Arnold works.

Mary Hildebrandt, daughter of Alex Downie, Managing Director of Ilford Australia Pty Ltd until 1966 says:
"Old Charlie Forster owned a lot of land in the area and was a successful orchardist. He and Dad (Alex Downie) were great friends and some of Charlie’s staff worked at Ilford for many years. He would be amazed if he knew how much that land is worth now, millions !!!"


Two aerial views dating from around 1986.


Three views of the demolishing of the Ilford buildings in 2006.

To the left is a 'Google Earth' view of the area as it currently (2013) exists.

The ANZ 'Data Centre' building where David Arnold works is shown to the upper RHS.

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