ILFORD print envelope, around 1960.

Every camera is the better for an ILFORD film

The girl is wearing a style of trouser slacks called Capris or more likely 'Pedal Pushers', according to the following description:-
This site says "Capris were a slim line pant that ended just below the knee. Most had a small ' v ' at the hem so you could move easier. Pedal pushers and motor scooter slacks fitted a little looser and usually ended at the calf. They were designed to keep the pant legs from getting torn by being caught in the spokes or the sprocket of a bicycle or a motor scooter".
The advert also seems to include a precariously perched Ilford Sportsman camera.

Below is the same image, but this time as part of a developing & printing (d&p) return envelope.

These images courtesy of Bernard Rose. see:



An Ilfocolor Print Return Envelope, 1962 through 1965.


An Ilfocolor print return enevlope.

Upper LHS is the front cover.
Above is the rear cover
Left is the inside


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