Photographic Scraps ~ monthly news sheet


In September 1889, the Britannia Works Company started to issue a free monthly news sheet called 'Photographic Scraps'. Its original circulation was 5,000 copies per quarterly issue (Ref: 'Scraps' issue No.49, September 1893).

In the July 1893 issue No.47, there is a foreword stating "The monthly issue is now over 29,000 and copies can be had from photographic stock dealers throughout the world, from China to Peru. Any dealer who does not get a sufficient supply, should drop us a postcard stating his wants." By June 1908, the circulation had reached 40,000 monthly. "Photographic Scraps" finally ceased publication in 1914 and didn't restart after World War 1.

Doug McKee has kindly volunteered to scan his Photographic Scraps collection, see below:


July 1892

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August 1892

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September 1892 No.37 Download it here
October 1892 No.38 Download it here
November 1892 No.39 Download it here
December 1892 No.40 Download it here

January 1893

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February 1893 No.42 Download it here
March 1893   No.43 Download it here

The cartoon definition of a "swing back" is shown on page 1 of Issue No.44, April 1st, 1893.

To download a pdf file of the full 4-page news sheet, please click here, or on the image, left.


June 1893

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July 1893

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Circulation is now 29,000 copies

August 1893

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September 1893

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Circulation is now 30,500 copies

October 1893

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