Selochrome Girl

A photograph of an attractive young lady whose dress is bedecked with many Selochrome film boxes. Film boxes of the type sewn onto the dress are shown to the left hand side of the picture (film expiry date June 1942).

This scan was sent to me by Paul Knudsen of Phoenix, Arizona, USA but the picture was actually found by a lady named Angel Burke from Prescott Arizona who procured it an estate sale. It had been pasted in a scrap book at one time. Some delicate hand colouring has been applied (in the past) to make the film cartons on the girl's outfit match the colours actually used by Ilford (compare the film box with the girl's hat).

It is uncertain whether it is an Ilford advertisement or (Paul thinks more likely) a model's portfolio print, as it has a pebble surface not suitable for print reproduction.

I have dated the picture by (possibly) identifying the camera the lady is holding - a Kodak Junior 620 of 1935 vintage. Scroll down to see a Kodak Junior 620 in a picture scanned from the book by Brian Coe, 'Kodak Cameras - The First Hundred Years', page 129 (ISBN 906447-44-5). All of Brian Coe's books are heartily recommended !!

This page last updated: 3rd August 2019