ILFORD 'single use' camera


The Ilford Press Release of September 2005 reads:

The easy to use ILFORD Single-Use Camera offers the opportunity for anyone to take their own black-and-white images. It has a built-in flash effective up to 3m/10ft, an f/9·5 30mm lens and a shutter speed of 1/100sec. It is focus free and gives sharp pictures from 1m/3ft to infinity. A frame counter shows the number of pictures remaining, while safety interlocks prevent double exposures or blank frames. The camera is loaded with 27 exposures of the acclaimed ILFORD HP5 Plus film, which is ideal for action shots, available light and all general purpose photography, to ensure the best possible results. This fast (ISO 400/27 din) film captures every detail, and produces prints to treasure, as much for their artistic value as for the subject matter.

When all 27 frames have been exposed, the complete camera can be taken to any traditional photo retailer or processing outlet for processing, or sent direct to ILFORD via the Process-Paid envelopes available from branches of Boots, Jessops, and most photographic specialists. For those able to process their own films, HP5 Plus is compatible with all major processing systems, including those which give the standard short fixing and washing times.

"The versatility of this single-use camera and the quality of results has made this a very popular product," says ILFORD Photo's Simon Galley. "The level of enquiries about its return has prompted us to bring it back into the fold. "The varied uses to which the camera was put, quite apart from being a fun and easy introduction to making black-and-white pictures, means that it is a valuable product within the ILFORD Photo portfolio. Applications such as being stored in a car glove box for recording any incidents whilst on the move, and as a novel wedding party camera, have ensured volumes will remain viable in the future."

The Ilford information sheet on this camera is viewable on the Silverprint site.

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