ILFORD Sportina

This Ilford Sportina is an unusual model of Ilford badged 35mm camera, clearly of Dacora origin (as the Sportsman range) and very reminiscent of the Sportsman 125 with its self-cocking Prontor 125 shutter. It was purchased by David Muggleton from an ebay vendor in Denmark, October 2007. Prior to this purchase, the Sportina name was believed to only have been used on the Sportina Rapid camera series that used the Agfa Rapid film system.

It has a top cap which is a cross between the Style 4 and the Style 5 Sportsman. However, the film rewind knob is unusual in having none of the normal film speed / type reminder information.

The f2.8 45mm focal length lens bears the inscription "ISCO Optische Werke Göttigen Colour-Subitar" which is the name of the lens fitted to various Ilford badged Dacora cameras dating from around 1965 (including at least one of the Sportina Rapid range)

Since the serial number of 379955 is later than that of a Style 5 Sportsman 300 in the possession of David Muggleton (and the Style 5 is also believed to have been on sale from 1965) it seems likely that this Sportina might also date from around 1965.

It is unknown whether the Ilford Sportina was sold elsewhere than in Denmark. If it had been sold widely in Europe, it is likely that similar models would have been seen before. Naturally, it could never have been sold in the UK, for that same reason.

This page last modified: 2nd November 2007