Paterson Advertising Literature

Camera User magazine, April 1974, page 47

Still available in Otcober 1980 when Jessop advertised it at £68.75 plus £2.50 post & packaging.
The following year the enlarger was upgraded to have an in-built set of sliding colour printing filters and was renamed the Colour 35 Enlarger. Thereafter, both black & white and colour darkroom outfits were suppled with the Colour 35 Enlarger.

HOWEVER, by 1998, the Paterson Group International catalogue announced that the original 35 Enlarger, slightly redesigned, was to be relaunched as part of the NEW Paterson Darkroom Outfit. This seemingly retrograde step may have been because the mass amateur colour printing market had failed to appear and so this new Outfit, although claimed to be of universal application, was really intended to appeal to those wishing to try black & white printing using Multigrade variable contrast paper. With such paper, a filter draw to take proprietary filters would have been more convenient than using the previously in-built colour printing filters which had a density range not ideal to Multigrade.

The same 1998 catalogue, referring to the earlier b&w and colour darkroom outfits claims " recently as 1992 (they) were awarded the prestigious Buying Cameras 'Darkroom Product of the Year' award."