Paterson Advertising Literature

Practical Photography magazine, November 1985 & December 1986, pages 42 & 102


Practical Photography for September 1983 reported in their 'Photo News':
For a value-for-money darkroom package, not much beats Paterson's Complete Colour Darkroom outfit which offers just about everything you need to develop and print 35mm colour negative films. Recently though, Paterson have produced a new Colour Darkroom Outfit which includes their handy Orbital Print Processor introduced last year (i.e. 1982). This has several advantages over a drum for the beginner, or anyone, since loading is simple and its unique orbital action avoids streaking and uneven development. This isn't achieved at the expense of the economy of the solutions, since the 'Orbital' uses only 55ml of solution for most print processes. Other differences from the earlier outfit includes the addition of larger stock bottles so that re-usable solutions can be stored more easily, while a third measuring graduate has been added to aid chemical mixing. Totally rewritten instructions take you in a step-by-step manner through everything from loading film to assessing colour balance and producing the final print. If you're thinking of setting up a home colour darkroom, and you have little equipment to start with, check out the Paterson Colour Darkroom Outfit, it could be just what you're looking for. It should be available in the shops for about £140.

Readers of Practical Photography magazine in December 1992 voted the Paterson "Darkroom in a Box" concept as "Darkroom Item of the Year" in "The People's Choice Awards" for 1992. Editorial comment said "The idea of buying a box complete with everything you need - except power and water - to set up your own darkroom obviously appealed to the voters. Not surprising really as it's a great idea." The prize was received by Tony Deever, representing Paterson Photax.

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