Other ILFORD Cameras: 1900 - 2013

This page acts as an INDEX to Other Ilford cameras, NOT within the Sportsman range
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Operating Instructions are included on the respective web pages for the:
Craftsman, Advocate, Prentice, Sporti, Sporti 4, Sporti 6, Ilfoflex, Sportina Auto Rapid, Sprite 127, Ilfomatic 50 and Ilfomatic Super 100 (all courtesy of David Mugggleton),
the Envoy Wide Angle (courtesy of Gary Alexander)
the Ilford (KI) Filmstrip Printer (courtesy of Paul Godfrey).
the Selo 20 (courtesy of Daniel Clement).
Other web page addresses are hyperlinked for instructions to the Super Sporti and the Monarch.

Falling Plate, c1902

Selo Folding Cameras, c1935

Craftsman, 1949

Kennedy Instruments Advocate Series1 & Series 2
Advocate Survey Results

Watson Barnet microscope adapter
Kennedy Instruments Film Strip Printer

Witness, c1950

Advocate 1949 & 1953

Prentice, 1951

Envoy Wide Angle c1950-1960
and Envoy Developing Tank

PIM Monorail, 1953

Envoy, c1953-1960

Watson Premier Half-Plate, c1955

Kennedy Instruments Monobar, 1958-1965

Sporti range, from 1959

Ilfoflex, 1961

Sprite (127 roll film), 1963

Imp, circa 1964

Sprite 35, 1964
(Agiflash 35 & Wards econo 35)

Sportina Rapid range, 1965~1966
and Sportsman rapid

Sportina, c1965

Sprite Rapid Flash, 1965

Sportina Ilfomatic, c1966
and Cilmatic

Pixie, 1966

Monarch, 1966

Ilfomatic Compact, 1966

Electrics range, 1967

This disposable camera, preloaded with HP5 Plus black & white film,
was relaunched in new packaging in January 2013 (see below, left)

Harman Titan pinhole cameras

Designed by (Mike) Walker Cameras in conjunction with Harman Technology Ltd (Ilford).
I've not devoted a web page to these as there is lots of detail on various web forums. For Harman links, see:
The Titan 4" x 5" pinhole camera kits available in the UK from late October 2011, and Rest of World from December 2011.
The Titan 8" x 10" pinhole camera debut at Photokina, 13th Sept. 2012

Ilfomatics, 1967

Single Use camera, September 2005

More Ilford branded disposable cameras, January 2013

Amateur Photographer magazine reported in their 5th January 2013 issue that, due to unexpected demand for black & white film cameras, Ilford had launched two new models. One comes pre-loaded with Ilford XP2 Super which uses the (Kodak colour negative) C-41 process (suited to being trade processed), while the other (the green one above) is loaded with HP5 Plus, which requires normal black & white processing chemistry (more suited to the home darkroom). Each includes a flash, gives 27 exposures and cost £8.99p. A process paid version of the HP5 Plus version costs £14.99p.

Harman branded Reusable Camera, End 2019 ?

Packaged with two 2 Kentmere Pan 400 ISO 36exp. b&w films,
plus an AAA battery and carry strap for £27.79p.

Has a 31mm wide angle, fixed focus, f10 lens.
Fixed 1/120th sec shutter. Built-in flash with 15 sec recycle time.
Weighs 100 grams; 114mm width x 63mm tall x 35mm deep.


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