Style 4 Sportsman Auto & Auto Rangefinder Updates

Post-1962, the Sportsman Auto and Auto Rangefinder cameras went through at least two 'face-lifts'. The Auto Rangefinder on the left has the exposure counter sunk into the top of the camera and has a rewind crank to replace the knurled knob of the original model released in Spring 1962. Note that it has a Prontor 500LK shutter.

Just visible on the lower left hand side edge of the top cap (viewed from the front) is a small button. The Focal Guide says "Push the flat milled knob on the side wall of the top plate 'to and fro' until the arrow head on the rim of the film counter let into the top plate points to 'A' for a 36 exposure film or to 22 for a 20 exposure film. Then make two 'blind' exposures to make the camera ready for use."

To the left is what is believed to be the final version of the Auto Rangefinder, having the extended rewind crank, as in the version illustrated below.

The lens in this example is a Color Isconar, 45mm f2.8, from the ISCO Optische Werke, Göttingen, as used in some of the later Sportsman 300 and Ilford Electrics. The shutter is a Pronto LK.

The lens is sometimes an Optische Werke Steinheil Munchen Cassar 2.8/45mm, as in the example below.

The view to the left shows the inset exposure counter window on the left hand side and also the match-needle system working off the selenium cell exposure meter on the right hand side, near the extended rewind crank.

Shown left is the Dacora equivalent of the updated Sportsman Auto Rangefinder, called the Dacora Dignette E-B. The extended rewind crank is visible to the top RHS. Interestingly, even this Dacora now has a Steinheil Cassar lens, rather than a Dacora.

The shutter is the Pronto LK.

This page last updated: 12th May 2009