Johnson Granulated Emulsion

Another piece of Photomemorabilia provided by Paul Godfrey, courtesy of the friends he meets at his 'Tuesday Group' weekly get together at a 'pub in Gorleston, a couple of miles south of Great Yarmouth.

Mike Russell was doing some de-cluttering at his home and brought the two tins of Johnsons of Hendon Granulated Emulsion (see left) to the 'pub where they meet and gave them to Jim Fisk. Jim photographed them and also scanned the typewritten / duplicated instructions. These can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking here.

The Granulated Emulsion was sold to coat a photographic emulsion onto (especially) light alloys and mild steel, but it could also be applied to wood, glass, paper, etc (and China, see next paragraph). A (black & white) negative could then be projected (or contact printed) onto the emulsion, ensuring multiple accurate reproductions of the original design drawing and text.

Mike had acquired these two tins nearly 40 years ago and had used the emulsion to put photographic images onto china plates.

The unopened tin now appears to be leaking a sticky liquid, so Paul & company guess that the contents are now no longer granulated !

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