Johnsons of Hendon Index

This page acts as an Index to memorabilia relating to the photographic chemicals and equipment suppliers Johnsons of Hendon,
subsequently Johnsons-Photopia Ltd.

Choose between:
i) Johnsons of Hendon
A general company history, or
ii) The Johnson Family History

by Sidney Ray

'Home Photography',
'35mm Cameraman',
'Choosing and Using SLR LENSES'

Read about the authors of the Johnsons 'Home Photography' series
i) Kevin MacDonnell &
ii) Antony 'Pip' Pippard

+ 'Taking & Processing Ferraniacolor'

'The Johnson Way to Better Photography' booklets
plus sundry Catalogues & Leaflets

i) Johnson Photographic YearBook
ii) 'Wellcome' Exposure Calculator, Handbook and Diary

Wellcome 'Tabloid' chemicals

Johnson Developers,
Intensifiers & Reducers
for Developing Tanks see here

Johnson Exposure Calculators

Johnsons of Hendon Competitions
(Johnson Jingles)

Johnson's FlashPowder
Instructions and tests

Johnson's Granulated Emulsion

GEC Exposure Meter

Retouching & Spotting Outfit

Johnson Colourform

Johnson Flash Equipment

Disney Projector


Cine Film Cement and Splicers

Cine Lights



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