ILFORD flexi-disc

In 1962 Ilford introduced a range of new colour materials; reversal, print and 8mm cine.
Andrew Hewkin, a Broadcast Journalist at BBC Radio Shropshire (PO Box 96, Shropshire SY1 3WW) has sent me a mp3 file from a flexi-disc which was distributed by Ilford to chemists and other photographic dealers, alerting them to a forthcoming cinema-advertising campaign for these pending colour materials (below). The disc came to Andrew in 1978 from his father, who was Branch Manager of Timothy White's in Fleetwood.
At the end of the lively musical introduction there is a short commentary from James Mitchell. James Mitchell was Scottish and had worked for Ilford for at least 20years by 1962, having edited the Ilford Manual of Photography in 1942. By the late 1950s, James Mitchell was Head of Amateur Products Division and worked with Albert Holliman, Marketing Manager (Cameras), along with Brian Hopley, Bill Risdon and Bill Smith, on the collaboration with the German company Dacora, which led to the well known Sportsman camera range, sold by Ilford throughout the 1960s. The 1962 Ilford flexi-disc label states that James Mitchell was then 'Joint Managing Director' of Ilford Limited. By 1970, possibly as a result of Ilford's decision to end their amateur products range, James Mitchell became Sales Director for Johnsons of Hendon. At this time he was a very good friend of 'Pip' Pippard who was Technical Director.

Paul Godfrey purchased a copy of the flexi-disc via an eBay auction and sent the following image. Notice that the advertising agency was Foote, Cone & Belding Ltd, an agency which now (2009) exists as Draftfcb.

My thanks to Martin Fenton for sending me a copy of the actual 1962 16mm commercial advertising film, "Ilford Colour Hoe-Down". Click here to download this as a compressed WMV file. Performers in the film are using original (1961) versions of the Ilford Sportsmaster camera and are correctly using the appropriate shutter button for Group photographs.

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