Raycolor Reversal Film Tests

Taken from 'Good Photography' magazine for October 1955, page 519.

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Taken from 'BJPA' 1956, page 192.

(Raycolor Ltd., Weybourne Road, Farnham, Surrey) This colour material makes a welcome addition to the range of reversal materials which can be user-processed; Raycolor is an integral tripack of the conventional type using substantive couplers in the emulsions. The film is available in the form of 120 and 620 rolls, and as 20-exposure refills of 35-mm. film, both Type D for daylight use and Type A for Photoflood. Perhaps the most interesting characteristic of the film is that its speed is claimed as 25° Scheiner or 16 Weston, a small but useful increase over the speeds common for reversal colour film.

The processing kits conform to the established pattern and are available as two separate parts: Part One consists of the two developers packed as dry chemicals and a small bottle of solution for the first developer, Part Two contains the hardener-stop bath, bleach, and fix chemicals. Both part-kits contain sufficient to make 600 c.c. of solutions. Both developers are stated to keep for about three weeks, having once been used, in a well-stoppered dark bottle. The two developers will suffice to process three 120 or 620 roll-films or five 20-exposure 35-mm. films. The other solutions will process six roll-films or ten 20-exposure 35-mm. films.

The processing schedule is similar to that for other reversal films of this type and is as follows:
First development for 20 mins. at 68° F.
Rinse for 1 min. in running water.
Stop in the stop-hardener bath for 5 mins. at 65-68° F.
Wash for 5 mins. in running water.
Re-expose both sides of the film to a photoflood at 3 ft. or 100-watt lamp at 1 ft., 1½ min. each side.
Colour development for 20 mins. at 68° F.
Rinse for 1 min. in running water.
Stop and Harden for 5 mins. at 65-68° F.
Wash for 10 mins. in running water.
Bleach for 10 mins. at 65-68° F.
Wash for 3 mins. in running water.
Fix for 5 mins. at 65-68° F.
Wash for 15 mins. in running water.
Dry without heat.

Test exposures made on the material supplied, both 120 roll-film and 35-mm. film, show that the rating of 16 Weston gives satisfactorily exposed transparencies of good colour balance. A pale salmon-coloured gelatin filter is supplied as a standard item with each film, with the exception of some batches of the artificial light stock.

The test transparencies show that Raycolor gives colour pictures which compare very favourably with other substantive coupler reversal films; in spite of the extra speed the maximum density is adequately high and the colours of good saturation. The tone scale shows good gradation and the pictures a pleasing character.

In processing the material behaves well; there is no trace of emulsion softening in soft water at 68° F. and the first development stage does not seem unduly critical either for time or temperature. As the colour development time is increased the colour balance of the final picture becomes slightly bluer. As suggested in the instruction leaflet it is desirable to increase the development times by about 2 minutes for each film processed in the same 600 c.c. of the two developer solutions.

The price of 120 and 620 roll-film is 8s. 9d. plus 3s. 7d. purchase tax, and twenty-exposure refills of 35-mm. film cost 8s. 2d. plus 3s. 4d. purchase tax. Part One processing kits cost 5s. 6d. and Part Two 6s.0d. Films may also be returned to Raycolor Ltd., and a standard charge of 6s. 6d. per film is made.

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