Johnson-Disney Film Strip Projector

From at least 1952 and for several years during the 1950s, Johnsons sold a 4.5volt battery powered toy projector that showed stationary film strip images based upon Walt Disney characters.

This projector is described in detail on Patrice Guérin's website. The colour images, below, belong to Patrice.

The version of the projector shown in the advertisement below, which is taken from an undated Johnsons catalogue but believed to date from 1952 or 1953, is (according to Patrice's research) the 3rd version of this projector. Earlier versions had the switch located on the front plate of the projector body and in the earliest version the projector body also had a metal handle. This suggests the Disney projector will have been on sale since at least 1950 and probably earlier.

Notice that there is no film strip No.53 in the above list, but an e-correspondent in early 2011 told me that she owned a copy of film strip No.53 and it was entitled "Mickey the Magician", presumably in the role of the Sorcerer's Apprentice (composed by Paul Dukas )


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